nanopower  Technology
by nanopower international

Nanopower Self Cleaning Technology

Nanopower International, LLC has developed a proprietary Nanopower Solar Clean (SC) photocatalyst technology & two step application process designed to improve solar panel performance over time. Nanopower SC thin film technology incorporates a proprietary photocatalyst customized for use in photovoltaics.

Nanopower Light

Our product provides a versatile safe and nontoxic continuous disinfection method using a proprietary photocatalytic technology. This technology, when applied to ordinary every-day light bulbs, promotes the breakdown of harmful volatile organic compounds and microorganisms.

Our light bulbs help clean deadly viruses, flu, bacteria, toxins, mold, mildew and pet odor in the air for 7-10 years after one application.

Boat & Auto

Our proprietary titanium oxide coating for auto and boat applications protect exterior surfaces while reducing drag. Our two step application process results in up to 80% less barnacles and up to a 12% increase in fuel efficiency while reducing fading effects and cleaning requirements. Our product has also been design for interior applications including covers, seating and kitchen areas.

Auto applications include exterior protection, increased aerodynamics and interior fading protection.

Home & Restaurant

Protect all your home and restarant surfaces including cookware, countertops and walls with our titanium oxide solutions. TiO2 is nontoxic and has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for use in human food, drugs, cosmetics, and food contact materials.

Our product provides a versatile safe and nontoxic continuous protection method using a proprietary thin film technology.